Friday, October 24, 2008

Two new recipes

In the interest of DaHubby's veggy diet
as well as trying to eat more seasonal veggies
plus cook with more "unfamiliar" veggies
and (finally) due to an overabundance of MONSTER-SIZED carrots in the garden,
I whipped up a new recipe this week:
carrot soup!

Not as strange as it sounds and it was a WONDERFUL fall-feeling soup!

I normally make a new recipe as it is written at least the first time. I don't usually experiment until the 2nd or 3rd try. But, I jumped right in with this one.

Instead of water and bouillon, I boiled up a small batch of broth from veggies and the leftovers of two bone-in chicken breasts from earlier in the week.

I used DaHubby's beloved olive oil instead of unsalted butter.

And, defying the recipe again LOL, I tossed in half of a leftover sweet potato as well as two leftover small potatoes baked earlier in the week instead of the requested one large potato.

What resulted had to be the best smelling soup I have ever made - and I've been making some good soups in the last year - as well as the best tasting!

Carrot soup along with Crystal's (of fame) recipe for frugal homemade breadsticks and DaHubby and I were well-filled, happy, and warm!

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Alanna @ Kitchen Parade said...

Hi Beth ~ Soo glad the soup worked out, I made it myself just last week and (should I say this?!) I'm always surprised when something so simple can be so good! Your adaptations are excellent --