Sunday, October 5, 2008

Abel and who?

Last week, school took a back seat to the "pukies" so we are a few days behind. But, earlier in the week, one of Flicka's Bible lessons was about Cain and Abel. We're using Rod and Staff's "Bible Pictures To Color/Bible Stories to Read" preschool level books for Flicka's introduction to familiar Old Testament and New Testament stories.

On the day following the lesson, we were at my in-laws and I was trying to get Flicka to "show off" all she'd learned.

"Baby, can you tell Grandma and Papa what the Bible story was that you learned yesterday?"

(blank stare from Flicka)

"The one about the brothers?" I asked. "What were their names?"


"That's right, kiddo, and who was the other one?"

Flicka's brow wrinkles as she looks up to the ceiling trying to remember.

Then, she looks at Grandma and says "John McCain."


Anonymous said...

Can't tell where her political leanings are, can you? That's too cute. Glad she's rooting for a hero. :-)

Lisa said...

HA HA HA!! LOVE it!! Hope everyone is well in your home!!

RIP t.v. set :-(

GiBee said...

That's awesome!!! Too funny!!!!!