Friday, July 15, 2011

A parenting experiment

The "be where you say you will be" rule was broken last night.

For the second time.

First time? We talked, re-iterated the rule and reasons, and restricted that particular activity for a time.

Second time, she was with a friend. And, the friend got "grounded." We haven't used those before but I had an idea. I wanted to see if she was really *getting* it.

After explaining again what the rule was and how it was broken and at what point she may have wanted to remove herself from problem...

"(Flicka), what do YOU think your punishment should be? This is the second time with the same rule."

She suggested doing chores. I mentioned she had to do those anyway. LOL

She suggested losing her bike privileges for a while...particularly since Pojke had just lost his for a breaking a similar rule about going around the block.

"For how long?"

"All day tomorrow?" she said.

"OK, what else?" I was looking for something that might clue her in to the following-her-friends-into-rule-breaking part of the equation. LOL

"No playing outside with the boys?" Bingo.

"OK, for how long?"

"Tomorrow morning?"

Stuck in the house with mean ol' mom on a beautiful morning while all the other neighborhood kids played just out front?

"OK, 'til lunch time. Deal?"

Well, she agreed at the time but forgot by this morning. Yet, after her initial protests, she settled in while Pojke went out to play. When I turned off the TV and PC for her enjoyment, it didn't go over well. Neither did my "no" to her request to bake cookies. LOL Hey, this isn't supposed to be fun, right?

So, she's playing quietly with her homemade playdoh acting out the last episode of "MasterChef" probably. :) But, things are good.

But, this afternoon will be the test. We shall see.