Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes

As Jen sets the example, so I follow...

1. I was invited. I registered. Still don't get it. Pinterest. Anyone wanna explain it to me? LOL

2. One of the most beautiful blogs to read, to see, to digest, to learn from: A Holy Experience Go there now!

3. Can I tell ya how incredibly, entirely, sublimely THRILLED Pojke is that this place is right down the road from us here in Illinois now? LOL

4. If we don't run back to Michigan for another load of stuff, this is where we will be this weekend. Who said there would be nothing for us to do when we got here?? LOL This is the third weekend in a row there's a festival within a 20 minute drive!

5. Oh, and if we DO go back to Michigan, this is going on in our other hometown! :) Fireworks Saturday night baby!

6. Shots, dentist, and cavities, oh my! It's been a long week. 4 immunizations (thanks Illinois for the more strict/less optional shot schedule) and the first cavity for Flicka this week makes me hope things go REALLY smoothly once the pediatrician appt is scheduled and completed.

7. If God ever made a perfect, heaven-sent medication as an answer to prayer, it would be Mucinex. I swear I'm gonna buy stock in this company. Because there is nothing sweeter to someone allergic to decongestants and fighting off a cold than a single box of Mucinex! :)

So, those are my 7 Quick Takes. Go by Jen's and check out hers and everyone else's today!

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