Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Been having trouble getting my blogging discipline ramped up again so, as I scanned through 1000+ blog posts waiting for me in Google Reader, I thought I'd jump on board with a meme from one of my favorite bloggers, Jen at Conversion Diary.

So, seven random thoughts for today...

1. I've shocked myself and many others with my assertion that we are actually very happy (thankyouverymuch) with our current temporary housing situation. We've moved about 50% of our stuff from Michigan to Illinois. However, the new rental is not ready yet so that 50% plus DaHubby's things from the last 6 months plus all four of us are now residing in a one bedroom apartment. LOL To be honest, after not living together for the last six months, it's been a blessing. It's like camping with a full kitchen and full bath! LOL The kids have the bedroom while DaHubby and I are sleeping on a sofa bed. And, having less than 600 square feet of cleaning to do - even with no dishwasher - has been wonderful!

2. Speaking of the dishwasher...can I say I don't really miss it as much as I thought I would? Are you shocked? LOL After some initial re-training of the troops to not use a brand new glass for each drink during the day, the dish load has been actually a lot less than I planned. And, my ADD appreciates the little-bit-at-a-time approach to a chore that is still my least favorite.

3. With all due respect to our family and friends we left behind in Michigan, this week has been wonderfully free of all our usual commitments and, again, a blessing after not being together as a family for so long.

4. Another observation this week with regards to the Vikings...this trip to Illinois I had them each pack one large Rubbermaid container of toys and such instead of bringing over their entire arsenal of stuff. And, they've never complained. They have been perfectly happy with a fraction of their usual menagerie of playthings.

5. I have been a little concerned about being the "new kids" in a small town, fitting in as the
"city slickers" in a big-time farming community. I've been particularly impressed with how kind and helpful everyone has been. "Welcome to the area" has been the resounding phrase most of our last week.

6. Had our first nice summer rain this week - the kind with no weather watches or warnings attached, with no thunder and lightning so the Vikings played in the rain for the first time I can remember and we saw our first IL double rainbow!

7. Finally, can I tell ya that a local library and its staff is better than any welcoming committee EVER!? LOL We have visited the three closest and have armfuls of handouts, schedules, calendars, and brochures of things going on here in Ogle County for most of the rest of the year.

So, what's going on in your world? Stop by Jen's place today for more Quick Takes!

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