Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Anxiety creeps in...

Our little idyllic existence kinda crashed over the weekend.

Inferno-like temps. Too much whining. Too many short tempers. Too much "new stuff" for the kids. They're on complete overload - shots, new dentist, new church, off to VBS with another new church building and not one person they know.

DaHubby's on overload as well. After 6 months of constant 40 hr/week schooling and training (basically like jamming one's junior and senior yrs of college in 6 months), he FINALLY got to start his on-the-job training which will last another 6 months. This includes a very thick notebook filled with stuff he needs to learn and then perform in front of someone knowledgeable and eventually obtain their signature. As if it wasn't overwhelming enough, there's literally HUNDREDS of procedures he needs to get signatures for.

And, as the CEO of the VikingHus, I'm still trying to manage schedules, put out fires, complete the move, unpack, set up new banking and insurance accts, and get the STACKS of documents, appointments, and paperwork organized and completed to get the Vikings into school. It'll be $200 to register them and needs to be done before the end of this month or there are additional late fees. School also starts 3 weeks earlier here than in Michigan so I'm heading for a time crunch.

The peaceful, vacation-like feel of the last three weeks has slowly crept away. And, there's so much change left to deal with and sort out. :P Momma's back to stress-induced eating but haven't lost my new fingernails...yet! LOL

The kids are in VBS each morning this week so I'm trying to take that time to chill, plan, organize, and make phone calls so the rest of the day can just be spent with them. The new house should be ready soon. In the meantime, trying to take one day (and one hour) at a time.

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sara said...

It sure is a busy time for you guys! I don't think I could do half the running you do and keep my sanity! :) Much love to you.