Saturday, January 2, 2010

Warms a momma's heart...

The other night, I was digging in my closet for some long johns (did I mention we've received over a FOOT of snow in the last 16 hrs? LOL). And, I found 4 books I had ordered from Flicka's Scholastic Book Club at school to give to the Vikings on Christmas. Oops! :)

I had picked out a penguin book and a new Jon Scieszka TruckTown book we hadn't seen yet on snow trucking. For those of you with vehicle-obsessed little ones, I can't recommend Scieszka's TruckTown books he's a native Michigander so it's all good in my book! LOL

And, Flicka's books included a Scholastic version of "The Princess and the Frog" and a book on the Nativity.

So, when I put the Vikings to bed an hour earlier last night to prep for our back-to-school schedule on Monday, I thought the new books might soften their angry, fussy respsonse. And, both Vikings had the reaction a momma always wishes for...

...they both *kissed* their new books!

And, then me, of course. LOL

Flicka LOVED her Princess book; Pojke started jumping and hollering over the Snow Trucking book.

And, THAT makes an English teacher momma's heart happy!

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