Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Tip Jar

Well, I've been off the TTJ wagon for a few weeks as the Christmas/New Years season took hold...then Pojke's birthday sneaked up as usual right after New Years.

So, now I'm jumping back in today with what's probably not my best parenting moment but it's lowered the frustration level around here with trying to explain the passage of time to two often very impatient little raiders.

Flicka's dear sweet kindergarten teacher is tackling the concrete skill of telling time by the reading of the clock but there's been very little success at home with describing the abstract theory of the passing of time.

"How long 'til we (pick an activity)?"

And, no matter if I said 5 minutes or 500, the answer was always the same...

"But, when IS that?" or "but that will take FOR-EV-VER!"

So, I used their understanding of cartoons. LOL

Now, we'll be leaving in one "Diego" or 30 minutes. Or, Grandma's house is five "Turbo Dogs" away. Or, the drive to school if one-half of a "Veggie Tales" Or, you have one "Sid the Science Kid" to get your room clean! LOL

It finally gives them a point of reference to understand how long something will take or how long until something takes place. And, their understanding means less whining...well, a little less. LOL

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Rebecca said...

Hey, if cartoons work then I say use them all you can, LOL!!

Happy Tuesday!

Christina said...

That's funny...that's what I do here too!

15 minutes is one "Handy Manny" and 30 minutes is either two "Handy Manny's" or one Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The nearly two hour ride to Grandma's is one Disney princess movie plus a few extra minutes.

Whatever works.

Kathy said...

HA! That's what I've done too :) Whatever works I say.

Kathy D.