Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Thanks Tank

Better late than never...

So much going on this week. It's the first full week back to school for Flicka - last week had a snow day. DaHubby started his college courses this semester: physics, chem, pre-cals, and one last nuke class. And, Pojke and I started back to Bible study and his weekly sports class at the YMCA.

But, in the "clutter" of life, there has been some shining moments to be thankful for...

I'm thrilled with my new "Just For Joy" study group. I hope this group develops into as wonderful a group as my "Esther" study group did!

There aren't enough "thank yous" for the children's ministry workers at the church we attend. Saturday night, Sunday morning, Wednesday morning, Wednesday night - it seems every time their doors are open, they've consider the moms of little ones and provided child care with wonderful curriculum.

I'm thankful for the insight and enjoyment I'm getting out of a chronological Bible reading plan I started with the New Year. The jumping from Genesis to Job and back to Genesis so far appeals to my ADD (LOL) and lets how much I'm actually reading kinda sneak up on me as opposed to constantly seeing how much more of the Book I have to get through! LOL

Knowing how it makes him happy (as well as thrills me to see it), I'm thankful for a worship pastor who jumped at the chance of an impromptu jam session with DaHubby this past week and who has asked him to play a Sunday morning in February. I couldn't be more thrilled.

I'm thankful that after 3-4 days of awful congestion and sleeping alone since I was keeping DaHubby awake with my cold that I'm finally feeling better.

Thankful for the wonderful time and wonderful friends who circled our dining room table last weekend to celebrate Pojke's fourth birthday. After a trip down to our area's new carousel and kids' museum annex, we had a wonderful time just chillin and talking and laughing while the kids played.

I'm thankful for an emergency fund (while now dangerously small) that was able to cover a new alternator for "Goldilocks" (aka our 2001 Ford Focus) and another emergency root canal for DaHubby.

And, finally, I'm just splitting at the seams thrilled and geeked beyond words to have completed my second week of my American Sign Language class. Four more weeks at level one then two more 7-week sessions and I *just* might be able to actually communicate with someone who is hearing impaired! LOL

Those are the things that are blessin' me this week. How 'bout you? Stop by Pam's bloggy home to see her TTT posts too!

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