Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Tip Jar

Nothing earth-shattering here this week but I thought I'd share our frugal juice idea...

Since the Vikings were old enough to drink it, I've always cut their juice 50-50 with water. Paritally due to the whole sugar-content-on-their-growing-teeth thing but also for the I-don't-wanna-spend-10-dollars-a-week-on-juice thing! LOL

We had an old side-by-side fridge with a water dispenser that made it easy to do as I was filling sippies. However, that fridge died on us a couple months back & adding water while serving juice was becoming more of a pain.

So, instead of making the juice as directed and adding water when it was served, I just improvised and flipped that idea around. Now, when I make juice from concentrate, instead of adding the recommended 3 cans of water, I just add an extra can or two into the pitcher.

It was kind of a "well DUH" moment but it's fixed a frustration of mine and that made it a tip I wanted to share.

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Rebecca said...

Simple and effective!

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday's Child said...

Good idea. I've never seen frozen concentrate over here. I just buy it in bottles. It's cheaper to buy Tang (mango is our favorite) but that's not exactly healthy. Trying to drink more water since it's free (except for the gas to drive to the fountain). I could maybe mix juice and water in a pitcher though? Just need to find a big enough pitcher or hide the half full bottle somewhere. LOL

dtsign1277 said...

happy new year............................................................