Friday, January 1, 2010

2010's Goals to Achieve

I've never been one for "resolutions" - well, at least I've never been successful at resolutions. But, now that DaHubby and I completed Financial Peace University in 2007, we realize how important setting goals are to achieve the things we desire for ourselves and our family as a whole.

My goal setting has always been more of a personal thing. Not sure if I've been worried about letting out some "secret" that I'm weak in certain areas or knowing that if I didn't succeed no one would know or care.

Also, as an adult ADD-er, goal setting is a minefield that could easily put me into counseling again. LOL Keeping goals manageable, accountable, measurable, specific, blah blah blah does not really meld well with my ADD tendencies. Most times I sincerely forget because I just get caught up in something else.

And, the thought of having to be accountable and consistent with ANYTHING for a WHOLE year, scares the ADD pants off me!

But, I'm always up for some self-abuse in the interest of self-improvement. LOL

I used for most of 2008 and found a lot of success with it; in 2009, not so much. But, then after doing some more reading here about more realistic goal setting for ADD-ers and reflecting more about Dave Ramsey's "baby steps" to success I've come up with a few for 2010.

Build 1 month food emergency fund (to be done probably on a 5-pay month)
Restocking the emergency fund to chosen amount (first third of year)
Read at least a book a month (all year)
Paint Pojke's room and then Flicka's room (in the spring)
Paint kitchen (summer project)
Read the entire Bible (all year)
Keep a prayer journal (all year)
Start donating blood again on ARC's schedule (all year)

And, work on being more healthy with 4 specific goals here:

working out (starting at 2x/week & working up to 4x/week),
eating sweets/drinking soda only on weekends, (first half of the year)
eating more veggies and fruit (second half of the year)
food journaling (first third of year)

Now, all this being said, there needs to be room for flexibility.

First, I'm sure I've forgotten something. LOL Second, we have winter and spring semester to survive with DaHubby's schooling.

Finally, DaHubby graduates this year which means that, at the end of 2010, we could still be living in this house with Flicka at her current school OR we could have just completed a cross country move to a new job and a new school for Flicka.

Wherever God and DaHubby lead, we will follow so all the above are still subject to change...probably before March! LOL


jodi @ back40life said...

great's to a great year of follow-through! :)

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I'm the same way about "resolutions." I hate setting myself up for failure. :-(

Great job on the goal setting - you can do it! I have some family goals that I didn't post about, but Hubs and I need to talk about that first.

Happy 2010, my friend!!! Looking forward to encouraging you this year!

sara said...

looks like fun! and you seem pretty motivated.

thediaperdiaries said...

Cross country move? How would you ever live without Michigan winters? :)

Jamie said...

Great list! When you say cross-country, to where? Closer to me? I vote for that!