Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday my precious little man of God

You aren't even supposed to be here. The wisdom of this world said the odds were too great. But, my God is greater! You arrived from heaven on this date four years ago huge, heavy, kicking and screaming.

You were my "John the Baptist" in the womb - dancing and leaping each time Daddy and I were singing at church or at home. And, now you already have such a fine and quick brain for the stories and things of God.
(We just have to work on your praying LOL)

While still growing within m
e, many prayers and prophecies were spoken over you. I have no doubt that they will come to pass. I still remember the day Pastor Deb and the ladies of the church laid hands on me and my very pregnant belly. You "jumped" liked nothing I had ever experienced and I felt the hand of God that morning. I can still feel it deeper than anything I've ever felt before. I'm in awe at the wondrous things God has planned for you.

You are feisty, empathetic, and a better share-er than any child your age I've ever seen. You are such a snuggle bug and a wonderful giver of hugs and kisses. You are braver than any preschooler I've seen having already have stood your ground against "giants" (a 6 year old) to defend and protect your sister. You are good with details and things being "just so" SO much more than either of your parents. Now if you could just apply that trait to keeping your room clean...LOL

Your daddy and I can not WAIT to see what God has for you to do in your life because we have been assured that it will be something great!
Happy birthday, sweet boy. May God continue to overwhelm you with his blessings!


sara said...

Happy Birthday, Pojke!

Jamie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Pojke!!!