Friday, October 28, 2011

What was in my hand THIS week?

Just like I've mentioned before, I really like the idea of using what you have to recycle or "up-cycle" into something else.

A recent problem? We needed curtains for the our bedroom. Not only did we need curtains but DaHubby really needs black-out curtains for the days after he works an overnight shift. But, ones from the store were still more expensive than what we wanted to part with.

Plus, we would still be using my frugal solution to curtain rods and didn't really want to invest in something expensive and then hang them from dowel rods. LOL

Meanwhile, my mom passed on a fleece blanket she had bought to keep dog hair off her couch but it wasn't working for them. We have several of these type of blankets so we put it aside. DaHubby came across it after the move...and wouldn't ya know it? It matched our bedspread perfectly!

Initially, we simply slit the blanket in two and tacked up each piece over our bedroom windows with small finish nails. Functional but not an ideal long term solution.

So, today, I had the sewing machine out for "mending day" and to make Pojke's Halloween costume. I took down the two panels DaHubby created, hemmed them and made a slot for the curtain/dowel rod, installed my 3M Command Hooks, and VOILA!

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