Monday, October 3, 2011

What "obedience" means?

I'm starting the Priscilla Shirer study Discerning the Voice of God at my new church. And, when I sat down to do my homework tonight, the word "obedience" kept jumping out at me.

We are still working through the first five lessons but belief that God still speaks, that one must expect God will speak, and one must be obedient to hear God speak have been the general theme.

So, I sat down and used "obedience" as a mnemonic to review the things we talked about so far...

O bey His will
B elieve in God's goodness
E xpect to hear from Him in His timing
D evote time to spend with Him
I mmerse yourself in His Word
E ntrust your troubles to Him
N uture and serve those around you while you wait
C ommune with Him and other believers
E mbrace what's going on NOW while you are waiting

Just wanted to share.

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