Friday, October 21, 2011

FIR book reviews: the Kindle edition

I'm still chugging my way through my Fall Into Reading challenge hosted by Katrina at Callapidder Days. If you check out my original book list, there were no Kindle books on there. LOL Unfortunately, my darling hubby tempted me off the straight and narrow path of hard-copy book reading by getting me a new tablet running Android with a Kindle for Android app! LOL

And, my new addiction to the
Free Books for Kindle page on Facebook offered me even more temptation! LOL So, while I'm working on two black-and-white hard copy books off my list, I managed to complete four more novels on my tablet. (If you follow the Amazon links and are interested in downloading, keep in mind that these titles were free at the time I downloaded them - some as a limtited time offers - and may not be free now.)

The Brotherhood by Jerry Jenkins I read the Left Behind series that Jenkins co-wrote but nothing else from him. I was interested what "regular" fiction might look like plus it was a cop story so I gave it a chance. It started off good - plot, characters, and even the faith-based stuff was handled well. Didn't feel much for the main character, Boone, but saw in him much of the same stoic nature I saw around me in the years I worked in law enforcement. Then, there was a catastrophic accident that rocks the Boone's world and challenges his faith. And, it was brutal to endure but the writing was so real that I couldn't stop myself. Watching Boone dig back out left me anticipating the next chapters but ended up leaving me going "huh?" All the momentum built up just kind of fell apart and got tied up a little too neatly at the end.

The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher Giving the Amish Christian genre another chance...and this one was pretty good. Lots of extra drama constructed by a high number of chance occurrences but well worth a "brain candy" status for a quick read.

Love Finds You in Homestead Iowa by Melanie Dobson Wasn't sure I was going to like this one either but the story of a father and daughter taken in by Mennonite community was a little different twist.

Throwaway by Heather Huffman This one reminded me a lot of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers but with a modern twist where a struggling prostitute joins forces with an undercover cop to get out of the life. The change in both is remarkable, believable, and makes it a page-turner.

So...six books down, two in progress, four to go. I'm "halfway" done...assuming I'm not overtaken by my Kindle again! :)

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