Friday, September 16, 2011

What was in MY hand this week?

I stumbled across a post at Frugal Hacks this week from its "DeputyHeadmistress" and how she solved a home decorating/organization problem without buying a thing! *gasp*

Imagine that!

She did it with what she already had and re-purposed it.

Now, "re-purposing" is either exalted or looked down on depending on which side of the frugalness aisle you're walking these days.

But, after the last four years, we've walked the line between forced frugalness, to be able to splurge but being responsible about our resources anyways, and back to not having any other choice.

That being said, we were looking to decorate the big, bare walls in our new rental home in IL. Thinking about what had made the trip already from our home in Michigan, DaHubby remembered that we had several homemade pieces of canoe-related stuff. So, I let DaHubby decorate the living room walls.

First to go up on the wall, his handmade Inuit kayak paddles....followed by his prize wood and carbon-fiber canoe paddles in a corner.

Then, we found several hand-caned canoe seats that were going to be used on a newly-built canoe some day in the future. Instead of them sitting and collecting dust, DaHubby took them - along with several pieces of scrap wood in the garage, and made us some wall art.

Now, my living room is decorated in "early paddler," DaHubby gets to show off some of his handiwork, and I get a decorated room we all can enjoy!

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Shannon said...

That is very creative!