Friday, October 28, 2011

Day Three of Thanksgiving

My original explanation is here.

11. productive quiet time
12. time alone with DaHubby while kids are in school
13. Pojke's teacher who has been a Godsend this year during his difficult transition from being home all day with me in Michigan to full-day kindergarten without me here in Illinois
14. that Pojke was able to go back to bed for another 2 hrs after waking up yet again during the night as has been his habit since school started
15. for friends who FedEx missing papers from Michigan so I can get my new IL license plates :)
16. "open sky" which seems increased after the local corn and soybean harvest
17. the smell of onions, garlic, and sausage browning while I made jambalaya tonight
18. 100% on Flicka's spelling test so she experiences the "return" for working and studying hard
19. a little more "financial comfort" than we've been used to the last few years
20. friendly state employees at our local branch of the IL Secretary of State :)

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