Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Seven of Thanksgiving

See my original explanation for my 30 Days of Thanksgiving here.

21. for the children's ministry at our local church
22. for a true day of rest for all four of us on Sunday
23. for music and a message that fits *exactly* with the worries and concerns I've been having
24. for the innocence of my children...
25. ...and the recent encouragement of several fronts to defend that innocence.
26. the most amazing start-gazing reward for taking out the trash the morning of instead of the evening before
27. the ladies of my Bible study who make this newbie feel welcome by having someone saying "hello" each Sunday
28. for lil' ones who were thrilled with their "Dollar Store"/homemade costumes
29. for new friends found here who make us laugh and remind us all is well
30. for a good landlord (can I get an amen? LOL)

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