Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Simply Time

Our life has been moving like a freight train lately with DaHubby and I hanging onto the railing on the caboose! LOL But, I guess that's better where we're looking right into the oncoming lights.

DaHubby and I are seriously time-deprived lately. Like the last two years while he was working full time and schooling full time, I'm basically running everything at home. The difference? DaHubby's now he's working six 10-hour midnight shifts a week the last few weeks. And, while both of us have working midnights different times in our single and married lives, this one has thrown us for a bigger loop than anticipated...not something this super-planner mom needs when we have the holidays coming and we need to have DaHubby packed up and ready to Illinois in 8 weeks.

However, today is DaHubby's single day off. He got off this morning at 6:30am but rolled in at home as we were walking out for the school run at 7:30am. I've been feeling a little punk lately - fighting off some random boogers and cough. DaHubby's just flat exhausted so what did we do? We gave ourselves a little mercy...and a little blessing of time while Pojke went off to the grandparents for the day.

We spent the majority of the day just talking, snuggling, and taking a 4 hour nap! LOL So, today, I'm incredibly thankful for a simple gift of time.

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