Monday, October 25, 2010

A good turn of events...

Murphy's been visiting often to the point of moving in the last few years. Murphy as in Murphy's Law.

It's been one thing after another for over a year. Fridge breaking down. Car problems. Unexpected ER trips with large deductibles. Home repairs. DaHubby's hours got cut. Then, he got laid off. DaHubby's unemployment got summarily canceled twice by mistake leaving us with no income for 2-4 weeks. Inexplicable and repeated "no" results from initial job interviews for DaHubby. The list goes on and on. "Bad things happening in threes" would have been a blessing compared to the last year or so.

But, the tide has been turning. Finally, DaHubby was offered an outstanding job - his first choice, actually. It'll require moving 3 hours from here but, after nearly 9 months of layoff, ANY job is a good thing!

Then, we got some more good news today for which we are very thankful! A few months ago, DaHubby found his way via our local unemployment office to a federal program for displaced workers. He had a meeting with his contact person today and, as part of the program, they will be helping with our moving expenses come 2011!!

This is such a relief for me. As the financial "geek" of the family, I was been praying about how in the world we'd be able to afford the costs associated with running dual households from the time DaHubby leaves until we are able to follow in June. Also, I had no clue how we'd pay for the extra costs involved with a multi-state move. And, thanks to this program, the "damage" on our regular budget will be minimal.

So what are YOU thankful for today?

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Melissa's Cozy Cottage said...

I just came upon your blog and have to say that I just love your uplifting attitude. "Murphy" has certainly been making the rounds this year. We thought he took up residence with us this year. My hubby recently had double disc fusion surgery in his neck and after suffering with a constant daily headache...the headache is now nearly gone. Unfortunately it took a year of trying to find the correct medical help and a surgeon willing to help. Through God's grace, we made it through...a little lean in money, but we're hanging in. God Bless you and your family. Thank God your husband has found employment. So what I'm thankful for, that my hubby is finally getting back to his old self, that he has a job, and that people that have been struggling and searching for work, are finally finding it. God Bless, Melissa of