Thursday, October 28, 2010

My in-house handyman

One of my favorite things about DaHubby, after his musicality, is how darn handy he is. Not only is he crafty-capable but he does beautiful work.

DaHubby has, among other things, built houses, built boats, remodeled our old kitchen, re-roofed that home, and re-wired our current home.

So, as we face the very-near possibility of selling our house in the next 8 months, it is nice to be having conversations about fixing this or that, replacing major things like counter tops and floors, or talking about painting rooms knowing that whatever he attempts will not only work but make this house more beautiful for the next people who own it.

So, what are YOU thankful for today?

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Melissa's Cozy Cottage said...

What a blessing that your husband is your handyman! God has also blessed my husband with many talents in DIY, car repair, etc. Aren't we fortunate! This is definitely something to be thankful for today and every day!