Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leading Our Little Vikings

We are truly blessed with the number of "angels in our midst" when it come to those non-family folks that love on our kids. We've been just tickled pink with the adults that have come along side Flicka and Pojke in our recent travels.

We couldn't have be happier with Flicka's kindergarten teacher and are completed thrilled with this year's first grade teacher. From the principal to the support staff to the librarian to the "specials" teachers - Flicka's school has given our eldest angel reason to smile over and over and over again and grow into a budding young lady.

Flicka has also had wonderful Y instructors including an amazing swimming teacher. We are also excited that she has such superb Girl Scout leaders.

As for Pojke, again his Y teacher and the Y nursery workers are second-to-none.

Finally, our church has done some unbelievable recruiting to have filled multiple programs worth of child care and Sunday school with such great people. Pojke attends "Just For Kids" on Wednesday morning while I'm in Bible study; both kids attend WOW (Worship On Wednesday) nights; and, last but no means the least, the regular Sunday morning teachers. In every situation, we can already see the fruit of all these folks' hard work as they have been discipling our babies.

All of these folks are doing a fantastic job leading, molding, mentoring, and teaching our little raiders in a way with which we are thrilled! If I was doing the traditional 30 Days of Thanksgiving, these folks would take up the largest chunk of the month! LOL

Thank you to those folks who touch our and our kids' lives as well as those that go unseen and unknown elsewhere. You are making a difference in eternity!!

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Christina said...

Yay! You're back.

I've been thinking about you a lot and wondering how you and your family were doing. Your kids are getting so big! Pojke hardly looks like the same little boy I remember...funny how that happens, huh!

Glad to hear that you are doing well and I hope that things calm down a bit for you soon. Upheaval, even for a good reason, can be rough, so no matter what's been going on I hope you get a well-deserved peaceful break.