Saturday, October 23, 2010

A New Friend

The Vikings and I were out and about today as has been our habit lately while DaHubby works nights and is sleeping through the morning and early afternoon.

We spent a couple hours at the local kids' museum, grabbed lunch out, and then headed to our local theater which is running a family friendly film festival with second-tier (like just out on DVD) big name movies which are free for the kids and only $3.50 per adult.

Anyway, while we were at the museum, my two little raiders were enjoying the new displays that were rotated in when school started. At one display, Flicka ran into a new friend from her recently-joined Girl Scout troop. This young lady's mom was nearby with a younger sister and brother. And, we got to talking.

As an aside, I find it fascinating that when meeting a fellow mom it seems one of two things seem to happen: it becomes apparently *really* quickly that you're each from a very different parenting approach and/or background and have nothing in common OR as you chat about nothing of much consequence who start to realize how you have tons in common! LOL

It was the latter case today.

We talked for about an hour while the bigger kids played. She's a relatively new mom to the area - having moved back from Washington state last spring - but she has family in this area. I was the new mom here several years ago and only had DaHubby's family to lean on then. She was reading a book that I had finished over the summer. She was nursing her youngest which I also had done. Our husbands' training and work has and will required travel. She was very calm and peaceful...well, maybe that was one thing I can learn more about from her! LOL

Anyway, I had a lovely time getting to know her. I also invited her to our local MOMS Club chapter so she can meet some more folks around town and have some opportunities to visit some of the more "hidden gems" of this area that one generally needs a "local" to find.

I tend to have difficulty connecting with people beyond the small talk but I'd like to think this new friends has some real promise and I'm thankful for it!

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