Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Thanks Tank

Filling my tank this week... boss at Lake Michigan College. She just cracks me up.

...being a (very small) part of the wonderful things going on at the new First Church - Benton Heights campus!

...listening to Pojke singing "Fa-der A-bra-ham had many sons..." while playing in his room LOL

...and listening to "God bwess dat I love..."

...I've said it before but Flicka's teacher. Our family is so blessed by the school Flicka is at. Everyone on the staff is becoming like family but Mrs. S in particular is an answer to prayer.

...apparently Flicka has had a major "light bulb" moment at school and is suddenly writing and reading at increasing speed. As an English teacher by training, that warms my heart beyond description. ASL teacher, Heather. She really kicks my butt during class but is also a very wise woman of God who gives really good "momma advice" when I asked her about a request Flicka had made recently. dear hubby who continues to be a very good sport about picking up on the chores I've let drop due to my recent work shifts. It's been a long time since I've worked outside the home but even longer since he had to tackle the laundry, motorpooling the Vikings, and more than the occasional load of dishes and he's doing a great job! LOL odd as it sounds, hearing how much DaHubby's classmates and teachers like him and are impressed with him. "You get a student like him once every 20 years" said one of his instructors. I'm so proud of him anyway and to hear that makes me want to yell "TOLD YA SO" and then grin like an idiot! LOL

...and my Bible study ladies. They never fail to make me laugh 'til I cry; then share something that squeezes my heart 'til I cry; and then we pray 'til we cry! LOL Lots of crying going on.

What about you?

Pam is on hiatus right now but you can see her previous Thanks Tanks here.

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Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

What a wonderful list! Sounds like our Hubbies are alike in that they are so well respected by their peers.

Miss you! Hope all is well!