Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2137 days of Flicka

You are six today. It's hard to believe. We were on our knees for 3 years praying for you. And, at last, you were due to arrive from Heaven on Leap Day 2004 and instead leaped into our hearts and still hold them in your hand.
You are goofy, emotional, stubborn, smart, and *ahem* persuasive. You have this crazy laugh and an even crazier love-hate relationship with your brother that I'm still trying to understand.
Unlike your brother, God hasn't deemed it necessary to give us a peek into what you might do when you grow up, what His plan might be for you. But, I'm sure whatever it is, it's something that will testify to what a miracle you are.
You are entirely like me one day and entirely like your father the next. Practical, frugal, and crafty one minute and then industrious, imaginative, and exploding with new ideas the next.
Over the last month or so, your daddy and I have been brought to tears at how fast you are growing up. Looking at these pictures that Daddy took of you, I can picture your wedding day and fear it's not far enough away for my liking.
Happy birthday, my angel. You are God's promise and answered prayer to us all rolled up into one feisty and beautiful package. We love you beyond words.


Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Happy birthday, Flicka!!

Jamie said...

Oh Beth, she is beautiful!

It still amazes me how quickly 6 years has passed. I was talking to Nacho about it this morning when remembering Samantha's birth. Or realizing that you & I "met" 6 years ago and how much we have gone through since then.

Happy, happy Birthday Flicka! I hope this year is an amazing one for you.

Christina said...

Wow...6 years already. Happy Birthday, Beautiful girl! I know how happy you have made your momma (and dad!)May you have a wonderful year full of happy memories.

Unashamed said...

:) Happy Birthday darlin'!

Thursday's Child said...

Happy Birthday! You're just 3 days younger than the Peanuts. Good month for birthdays.