Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Thanks Tank

In no particular order..the following are filling my tank this week:

Living near Lake Michigan and in a city which has to "plow" the streets and sidewalks occasionally for SAND! :) Woo-hoo! Beach season is coming!

Blue skies and nearly-spring sun!! Happy vernal equinox in two days! LOL

As much grief as the time change causes, one HUGE benefit around here is having time after dinner to go back outside and play.

Acquiring a fresh tank of propane and beginning grilling season!

Mrs. S - Flicka's teacher. We are so blessed. Mrs. S goes WAY above and beyond the call of duty which has recently included going directly from a 100 day party, into 2 birthdays, then into what was probably a long week of tackling the tough-twisters of Dr Seuss, and then a St Pat's Day that left the kids grinning from ear to ear.

A hubby who takes care of all things mechanical and maintenance-y with superior skill plus does dishes and laundry when asked. I'M SO LUCKY!!

What about you?

Pam is on hiatus right now but you can see her previous Thanks Tanks here.

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