Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Practical Application

When I wrote last night about my attempt to be more flexible with our schedule, I didn't think I'd be presented with an opportunity so quickly so to share. LOL

But, tonight is a perfect example. And, in the last hour since we got home from midweek church events, my entire attitude has changed.

I haven't been feeling particularly well today thanks to a bad case of the monthly grouchies. Wednesday is one of our busiest days between kindergarten, errands, my morning Bible study, choir practice, and midweek evening church stuff. In addition, bills are to be paid on Wednesdays. And, I'm supposed to prep for grocery shopping since that's been moved to Thursday mornings. And, I had to finish prepping for Pojke's preschool for the rest of the week.

So, I felt awful and was grumbling and stressed all the way home tonight about how I just wanted to go to bed but the bills, school prep, and grocery prep were still on my to-do list. I got myself all worked up about what to move where to get it all done. I could feel myself getting angry and frustrated.

On top of everything else, a meeting I wanted to go to popped up unexpectedly for tomorrow plus I had promised Flicka the afternoon at the kids' museum. *sigh* So, (grumble, grumble, grumble), Momma would just have to suck it up and stay up 'til midnight AGAIN as well as give up a moms night out so the master schedule could run smoothly.

*the sound of screeching brakes*

Now, just hold on. This is a dance I do with myself several times a week. And, to be blunt, it stinks. So...why not let go of all these "shouldas" and see what else can be done? Do I NEED to go grocery shopping tomorrow - not really. I can scrape by for another day. And, who says I couldn't run to the store? Well, DUH!

Long story short? I'm going to bed as soon as I post this (or maybe after I finish NCIS: LA that I DVR'd the other night LOL). I finished school prep while the Vikings got ready for bed. The boy and I will make the Moms In Touch meeting as well as do bills while Flicka's in school in the morning. And, I'll do as much grocery prep as I can, and IF I get it done, we'll go shopping. If not, SO WHAT!? I'll take the kids to the museum and go shopping Friday.

Within 60 minutes, I am no longer a resentful, grumbling, unthankful loony toon! Just for changing my attitude and outlook as well as using some out-of-the-box-for-me thinking.

Now, for those of you with these skills naturally or have already acquired them, you are probably rolling your eyes. And, that's OK too. But, my control freak tendencies need to learn that if Plan A (or even B or C) don't work, our whole world will not collapse around me.

And, that my friends is my example for the day! LOL

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Melanie said...

And now for a "What would Mel do?" ...

I know you shop at several grocery stores, but we might be able to adapt this to you. I went through Martin's and wrote down all the stuff on their overhead signs. Word for word, aisle by aisle. My hubby put it into an excel document and "bam!" that's my grocery list. I turn the paper over, draw a line down the middle (landscape), write the days of the week across the top and then divide into columns. Then I fill in my two-week lunch and dinner menu.

As you know, we're all picky eaters so my menu rotates every 2-3 weeks. Rarely do we try new things so making a menu is relatively easy.

If you could make a list of all (or maybe the favorites) the meals you cook would that help in making a menu, thus making a grocery list?

Hmmm..... What else....

Are the Vikings in any classes at the Y? I recently saw a homeschooling friend of ours taking advantage of time while her kids were in class to plan her homeschool schedule for the following week. If you, too, have time like this make sure you're using it wisely so that you don't stress about the unexpected stuff that pops into our schedules.

Bills ... Have you noticed a pattern in how these are getting paid? X gets paid on the first payday of the month. Y gets paid on the second. Z gets paid on the third. Are you able to pay any of them online or with auto-bill pay?

Here's what I started this fall. I have a handy dandy black binder called "Melanie's Book of Everything". Seriously, I'd be lost without it!!! The first tab has calendars galore. Lunch menu, family lunch & dinner menu, kid schedule, Drew's class calendar, Ryan's class calendar, Alli's class calendar. AAACKKKKKK!!! LOL The second tab is all of Drew's take home papers. Anything important that he brings home from school goes in there. Third is for Ryan; fourth is for Alli. It's crazy how much stuff they each bring home and I feel the need to save.

I think I'm starting to ramble and I need to get the kids up for school. But call me if you want some ideas on how to get things organized so you don't feel so stressed out and have to stay up til midnight every night. That's just NUTS!!!!

It was nice to see you yesterday morning. Been thinking about you - glad drop off is going better. I'm still thinking about ideas for Flicka's clothing "issue". ;)