Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

In no particular order...

just realized this morning, despite the chaos that's been our lives the last 3 weeks, I've taken no ADD meds for 16 days! Woo-hoo!

it seriously blessed my socks off running into a friend that I don't talk to in person NEARLY enough! Plus, she's an AWESOME momma coach and an encourager like none other I know!

the Beth Moore Esther study on Wednesday morning is testing my patience by going soooooo ssllooww through each verse and chapter but I'm being rewarded WAY beyond the wait.

the Bill Hybels study on "Living Beyond Myself" and a discussion on serving others has opened my mind's doors to some new ministry opportunities.

for singing and praising God in choir

for the church child care workers (angels on earth - I'm tellin' ya) that make the last three new things possible

for Flicka's teacher and principal

for the leaves changing - not much is prettier than a Michigan fall

DaHubby and I ran away from home last weekend and went on a 24 hour excursion which included a 6 hour canoe trip that was (almost) worth a week's vacation.

As hard as it is to say this because we miss him like crazy, I'm thankful for more hours at DaHubby's work. In exchange for seeing him even less, at least some of the financial stress is eased up.

My marriage - as we look around those we know, there have been several separations lately.

So, that's what's fillin' my tank this week.How about you? And, stop by Pam's place to see what's filling her tank.

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Jennifer said...

Catching up. I will be doing the Esther study this winter and I am really looking forward to another Beth Moore study.
What is it with marriages right now? I know of way too many that are under intense attacks. It breaks my heart.