Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

My thanks tank has been filled in a particular fashion this week...

Without much fanfare yet carefully with much consideration, thought, discussion, and prayer, we're currently not attending church where we have been for the last six years. There are a number of reasons which I won't go into here.

Over the summer we made the transition to a church a few blocks away which does not share all the doctrine and beliefs we're used to but is similar in many ways. The messages are wonderful, relevant, and full of the Word. The children's ministry is large, consistent, and well-staffed. The music is similar and well-performed. And, from what we've seen, it's a place we'll be able to be fed for a while while we ride out this last crazy year of DaHubby's schooling and see where God leads from there.

However, having come from a relatively small church, we miss the personal connections. And, we both miss participating in the music. While DaHubby still isn't able to do so, I miss singing so much more than I thought I would. I've spent more amazing time feeling God's presence and power when I'm singing than any other time in my life right now...and I need it badly right now.

So, I stepped out...DEFINITELY in faith. LOL I'm still timid about my singing publicly (after being told in high school I couldn't carry a tune) but this comparatively HUGE church has a choir. And, I showed up for practice last night. The music pastor and many of the members welcomed me warmly and we got down to business.

And, then I had what was is probably the best 45 minutes I've had in weeks! Last night's practice filled up places that were getting dry and cracking in my soul. It filled up my tank deeply. Participating in music, in a team setting (instead of a lead singer like I was before), singing praise and worship version of heaven right now!

Finally, this new church in which we're still finding our way and our place is apparently thinking about gettin' a little more Pentecostal in their worship! LOL Well, that's JUST fine with me because this is the song I'm learning for September 13th services:

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