Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What are we REALLY teaching?

Rookie year of homeschooling the Vikings so far has been a growing experience for all of us. The kids are going through a period of "de-schooling" while I realize how little I knew about where they are academically and how much they're capable of.

I was struck this weekend by the fact that we are already "off track" to what I envisioned. I seem to have already forgotten that I wanted lifelong learners, strong readers, deep believers, hearts for service, critical thinkers, good citizens, and lovers of the arts and gotten caught up in following a pre-set lesson plan structure put together by people who don't really know my kids.

I also realized that I'm already tweaking what I thought would be a perfect curriculum for the kids. The Vikings are having fun doing language arts and science, begrudgingly doing math, and have no particular use for this curriculum's social studies.And, there's so many other things that we are interested in and are available locally that following the prescribed curriculum is already becoming difficult.

And, I'm trying to not stress about the fact we're "falling behind" and make things worse. Trying not to panic and wonder about putting the kids back in public school. Trying not to buckle unde the enourmous pressure and responsibility I feel to do this correctly.

Then, I was reminded that it's all good, it's all a journey, and it has only been a few weeks. I wanted the flexibility.  I wanted the decrease in structure. And, I got it to the benefit of my Vikings.

My worries, struggles, and revelations are all perfectly normal. I got my kids back home where they are happier, healthier, and sleeping better.