Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finding our own ryhthm

The school year started with great plans. I always make plans. Following through? That's an entirely different story!

Knowing that a daily structure is both a curse and blessing on our home life, we started with a set of rules how things would happen and a list of times when they would happen.

But, I remembered something. I wanted the flexibility of homeschooling. I wanted this time together. So, do I seriously have to get up every morning at 5am with DaHubby, have chores rolling by 8am, and school by 9am? What's the darn rush?

Our schedule is still pretty open at this point. Friday school hasn't started. Another support group hasn't either. Other than soccer practices and games on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, our schedule is pretty open.

And, I remember...the schedule is not all-important. It's not the be-all-and-end-all. A big reason for this was the FLEXIBILITY homeschooling provides. Despite late nights.  Despite sick kids. Desite...well, LIFE!

So, should I worry what the neighbors think when we're still in PJ's at 1pm? Or, that we're doing school at 10am (or 12n) instead of 9am? Or that, thanks to homeschooling, we're sitting in our driveway some random day making papier-mache pinatas?

Nope. Not gonna do it.

I answer to God. And, to DaHubby. And, I don't think either of them care.

As long as it's done, it's quality work, it's consistent, and they're showing progress...who cares?

And, as a side note, no longer worrying about our 10:30am breakfasts or 2pm lunches either. So there!

Wow! That felt good! :)

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