Thursday, August 2, 2012

Unexpected blessings

There was a time "when WE were single," as DaHubby and I refer to it, when the division of household chores was different. In the pre-Vikings era, I worked part-time.  We initially agree to a marital division of labor that included DaHubby taking care of the bathroom and doing dishes/filling the dishwasher (my two least favorite chores, neither of which he minded) and I would take care of everything else inside the house.

Times, jobs, priorities, and the size of our family changed over the years but my dislike of cleaning the bathroom and doing dishes remains. Yet, it's fallen to me to do them. As a result, one of the things I miss most from our home in Michigan is the dishwasher. We are renting still here in Illinois and neither of the two places we've stayed had a dishwasher. So, I not only dislike doing dishes but I generally dislike doing them at least twice a day by hand.

Now, I've tried to go the high-minded route...DaHubby installed speakers near the sink so I could listen to music to distract me. I have Bible verses posted so I can focus on God's word instead of the dirty dish water. I've tried to include the Vikings but, at least at this point, it is simply more work to go back and re-rinse the half-cup of dish soap they use. We did some serious downsizing of plates, cups, and cookware to lower the sheer quantity that accumulates but the sink stills seems always full. Nothing has really helped. And, even if we COULD afford a new dishwasher, we just didn't have the room in this rental kitchen for a built-in version and a portable seemed prohibitively expensive.

Until this week.

And, these are the types of things that make me SO glad DaHubby is as handy as he is!

Someone where DaHubby works was upgrading their kitchen and was offering the old, but still very usable,  built-in dishwasher...for FREE!

And, within the next month, using plans similar to these, guess who is gonna be the new owner of a formerly built-in, now converted to a portable, including a brand-new custom Hubby-made cabinet dishwasher?


*big smile*

Thank you, God!! Thank you, Lord, also for a thrifty, astute, and handy hubby! :)

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