Monday, August 13, 2012


I tend to be a joiner.

Not always in the peer pressure type way but when I get on-board with something, I tend to want to submerse myself in whatever it is. I get an A for enthusiasm but it's not so good since I don't generally "dabble" in things. It's all or nothing.

But, this time (for whatever reason) it seems to be different.

I'm tired of "us versus them."

Bottle feed vs. breast feed. Attachment parenting vs. cry-it-out. Spanking vs. not. Feed-on-demand vs. puttin' a kid on a feeding schedule. Organic vs. not. Vaccinations vs. not or limited. Strict non-junk food vs. a taste of a french fry or ice cream in moderation. TV vs. none. Public vs. private vs. homeschooling.

I'm just over it.

So, when we decided to keep the Vikings home this coming school year, it wasn't a big personal and family declaration of independence or road-to-Damascus moment of revelation.

It's just what works for us for now.

And, can we just homeschool without getting all political and confrontational about it?

I feel strongly about it being the right choice for us for now. And, I've felt strongly about other issues (particularly early childhood intervention and education) and have done extensive training and advocacy for those positions including heading to the state capital to talk to legislators but, excuse me if for just this moment, this rookie year I don't want to join in every group and/or jump on every board with each political, legal, or advocacy group for homeschooling. I just want to focus on us and feel successful and keep our head about the academic waters right now.

It's not just about  it being "better"; it's about this is "better for us."

We aren't judging public school parents. We haven't condemned our local district. Nor public education as a concept. We don't care about our kids "more" or think the rest are neglectful for not making the same choice.

And, it's not really a lifestyle change for us - it's just more fully us to live this way for now.

So, while I appreciate all the chances and opportunities to immerse ourselves in this new educational adventure, I'm resisting. Whether it's age, experience, or no one longer needing  to join a group to feel OK with my choices, we'll pass for now.

Our reasons were clear to us. We feel obedient to follow that. That's all that truly matters to us.

The rest will come in its own timing.

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sara said...

Funny! We are both dealing with this issue, but seeing it from totally different perspectives. Neither is wrong, but I thought you'd like to hear my POV.

I am decidedly NOT a joiner and find groups uncomfortable and sometimes annoying - I even have a hard time committing to a church.

I'm finding, however, that being a part of a group of people with whom I have a lot in common, and who have often "been there, done that" can be a real blessing. Maybe it's partly because NYS has such difficult homeschooling laws that I find it helpful and reassuring to speak with people who have dealt with the same school districts, etc.

I think this kind of joining is detrimental if my only relationships are from within a certain group, but for me that's never been a problem. :D

But I agree, don't let any "movement" pit you against people you love and respect.