Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In the Moment Inspiration

I made the mistake of saving the reading until the end.

Pojke is struggling to make the leap between recognizing sight words and reading them in sentence/story form. His readers are filled with Pat, Nat, rat, cat, mat, hat, etc but it's still like pulling teeth to get him to read one page of material.

Knowing today was language arts day, I was dreading the inevitable battle of getting him to read 2-3 pages of his reader without him (or me) collapsing into a watery, whiny mess.

The first sentence took FOR-EV-VER! And, after having done spelling, copywork, and phonics, Pojke was ready to bolt.

So I let him.

Yes, I let him. In a moment of what could only be called God-given inspiration, I told him for every 3-6 word sentence he finished, he could run as fast as he can from the dining room table to the top of the stairs and back.

And, we finished the other pages in record time.

It was such a hit that Flicka asked me to incorporate it into her remaining math bookwork! LOL

It's amazing what happens when desperation sets in and inspiration strikes!