Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

Not exactly brain surgery but it's workin' for us this week...

A couple months back, I got a secondhand iPod Touch from a friend who was upgrading to an iPhone. Thanks to lots of free apps from Apple's app store, it's the gadget of choice for everyone in the house! LOL I gave DaHubby his own "page" of apps to play with as well as a page for the Vikings which contains some phonics games, some puzzles, and such along with some short Sesame Street podcasts that will keep one of them busy for 8-10 min of downtime. LOL

Well, combing and "doing" Flicka's hair each morning for school was becoming a real pain. The tangles, the whining, the actual doing, which accessories to use, etc. was just too much to deal with at 7:15 in the morning. LOL

One morning, I was trying to finish her hair as she was finishing her breakfast. And, my iPod happened to be on the dining room table since I had been getting my to-do list together for the day.

"Momma, can I play a game on your iPod?"

And, the lightning bolt struck...."sure, baby."

No more problems doing her hair! LOL The iPod was the perfect distraction from the de-tangling and doing and has got us out the door on time for over a week now!

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Rebecca said...

I totally love my iPod Touch and we use game apps to chill our kids out all the time, LOL!

Love it!

Jennifer said...

I use it a lot to entertain even my older kids. Kaylyn gets allergy shots. The doc office requires we sit there for 30min after her shots in case of a reaction. Well Kaylyn is my drama queen and would use that entire 30 minutes to torture her mother by complaining about how much discomfort she was in. Enough of that! Now I hand her my iPod and I bring a book to read. Yes! It is amazing what a change of focus can do.