Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

Without further ado...

...thankful that DaHubby's still working - even if his hours have been cut and we don't know week-to-week how many hours he'll be able to work

...thankful for DaHubby's scholarship which covers his textbooks - especially when I hear him say he's taking chemistry (*ching*), physics (*ching, ching*), mechanical operations (*cha-ching*), and pre-calc (*KA-CHING*) winter semester.

...thankful that DaHubby's emergency root canal Monday morning relieved his pain and that our dentist was able to get the tooth into such a state (albeit temporary) that the remaining procedures can wait a few weeks 'til (hopefully) we're more financially able to deal with it.

...thankful for all our far.

...thankful for the roof over my head, my utilities, a working furnace, and "warmer" (i.e. better insulated) windows.

...thankful for a fridge full of food including 2 drawers of produce and a freezer with several containers of chicken stock and gallons of milk.

...thankful (OH so thankful) that we went through Financial Peace University in the fall of 2007 because, as a result, we've been able to keep up on our payments in spite of DaHubby's hours fluctuating between 24-45 hrs/week for the last 9 months.

...thankful for my almost four-year-old "littlest man of the house" who has begun to open and hold doors for me.

...thankful for my big girl who can make me cry when she can already recite her Pledge of Allegiance perfectly thanks to her AWESOME kindergarten teacher

...thankful for the small moments - like when Pojke receives a treat and says "I'm gonna save some of this for (Flicka)" or when he starts spontaneously singing "oh no, You never let go...through the calm and through the storm..." or spouts out "I can do all things through Christ...flip-ee-ans four dot, dot thirteen"

...thankful for kids who are "getting it" and are thrilled with simply spending time together with a $1 DVD and some ice cream.

...thankful for the shower of comments this week about how cute, how well behaved, etc. the Vikings are. I *really* needed to hear that lately. A little validation goes a long way in my momma world.

...but most of all this week I find myself in wonder and utterly thankful for all the wonderful women God has placed in and around my life lately. The ladies from my Bible study group, MOMS Club, choir, my sisters-in-law, and online buds have no idea how they have lighten my load this week. So, a shout out to the Wednesday morning "Esther" ladies, Melanie, Amy, Melissa, the alto section, Susie, Peg, Heather, Shellie, and all my sweet friends/family on Facebook. THANK YOU!!

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Jennifer said...

I will be starting the Esther study late December. I am looking forward to it.