Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

Necessity is the mother of invention - and when you are traveling with young ones, out of necessity you get REAL inventive! LOL

The Vikings and I made a one-day road trip across the state to visit my best-est friend of 30+ years and her daughter who had just had a major surgery. And, from experience I knew we'd have "down time" here and there at the hospital in addition to the 3-hour travel time.

A year or so ago, I ordered some plain canvas bags from Oriental Trading. I took two of them and customized them for each Viking with their name. Then, I dubbed them their "busy bags". They can fill them with whatever toys, crafts, cars, etc. to bring along with them. And, they can't bring more than will fit in the bag easily.

We've used this idea when we travel as well as when I've had to take the Vikings unexpectedly to a meeting I attended. We've taken the bags to choir and praise & worship practice when DaHubby and/or I are on stage but the Vikings need something to keep them occupied.

It's has been a HUGE help in nearly every case!

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Rebecca said...

I love the idea of busy bags.. the back seat in my car is a totally disaster and this would keep it all together.

Happy Tuesday!