Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Beliefs Meme

I was tagged by Carmen at In The Open Spaces for this and it is probably the best (and hardest) meme I've seen in a while...

“Here’s the idea. Post a collection of 10 things you believe, ethical, philosophical or theological. You choose how much to connect them or make them coherent: do you want people to know where you belong, or do you want to mix and match to keep them guessing? I encourage you not to aim for a totally coherent credal statement of faith, and I also encourage you to put one or two in about controversial topics.”

1. I believe that God still does miracles.

2. I believe that God can deliver anyone from any bondage in a split second.

3. I believe that being in relationship with God should be something about which you can get excited!

4. I believe that people in general need to quit worrying about what clothes, what makeup, what hairdo, what school, what car, what TV show, which Hollywood whoever or whatever else influences you and start worrying more about treating your family and those close to you as politely as you do to impress strangers.

5. Speaking of family, I believe "family" is made up of more than blood and marriage. I think it's also about kindred spirits who fill in those little Swiss cheese holes in your soul as well.

6. I believe that we are made up of millions and millions of small and large decisions we have made and that assuming that any one person's experience was *just* like yours is ludicrous. The fact that any of us have anything truly in common is a miracle from Heaven. Because of this, there is no way to truly understand what a person's history is, the repercussions/consequences of that history, or what he/she is thinking, going through, etc. So, when you start to look down your nose at someone who is different - STOP IT!

6. I believe cussing (beyond the religious objection of taking the Lord's name in vain) simply shows a lack of vocabulary and a laziness about learning to express oneself effectively.

7. I believe in a marriage policy of "do not let the sun go down on your anger" even if it requires instances where neither of you sleep until it's resolved.

8. I believe that if one wants a spouse who is honest, faithful, and trustworthy then one should consider being COMPLETELY honest, COMPLETELY faithful, and COMPLETELY trustworthy (avoiding even the slightest appearance of inappropriate behavior) in all things oneself first.

9. While I believe that "all men" share some similar characteristics due to the way God built them, I also believe it is just as offensive to make statements that start with "all men..." as we women find statements offensive that start with "all women..."

10. And, I believe that intelligent people of different faiths, backgrounds, and worldviews can still have a civil conversation and agree to disagree.

For the tagging part...I know y'all are busy but I love how these ladies' minds work so I tag Anita, Sara, and Heather.


Unashamed said...

Oh boy...I'm gonna sleep on this one before I attempt it. Paring it down to ten could be a challenge!

sara said...

I'm excited about this one. GIve me a day or so, but I'll definitely do it (Lord willing).

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Cool, I haven't done this meme before. This will be fun! Hopefully I'll have time to work on it this weekend and post on Monday. Thanks for including me!