Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Tanks Tank

Short and sweet...

Thankful for the Vikings - both miracles in their own way. Years of prayer, procedures, and medications preceded Flicka; Pojke proof to the contrary of my OB's advice that I'd likely have no more kids.

Thankful for my husband - who continues to amaze me with all he's juggling. The stress and anxiety must be so great. Money worries, unhappiness with his current job situation, full load of classes, barely any sleep. I don't know how he does it.

I have been waiting all year for this one - I'm thankful for my neighbor's "burning bush" which FINALLY I will now get to enjoy looking at out my window over my sink for the next few weeks. Absolutely beautiful.

Thankful...OH so thankful...for our emergency fund which apparently will be undergoing another test of its solvency since it appears DaHubby's work hours will be cut again soon.

For my Beth Moore Esther study and the ladies in my discussion group. The last 5 weeks have been AMAZING.

For Flicka's school, her teacher, and the rest of the staff. These people LOVE our kids and LOVE teaching. And, we're really enjoying the family feel...which is easier to achieve when there are only 70-some kids kindergarten through eighth grade LOL

And, for the wonderful people who watching over both Vikings at church. They are some of the best children's ministry people I have ever seen!

While we are exhausted juggling everything life is throwing at us, I think I'm more at peace right now than I've been in a long time. God is good. Our life is crazy but all in His hands. Praise Him!

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