Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's all in the attitude

*deep breath*

*thinking to self* This was a REALLY good day

*then the critical voice pipes up*

But, why? What's so special about what you did today? You got NOTHING accomplished.

Hey, now wait a minute...

*thoughts come to a screeching halt*

I've spent a lifetime battling with that internal critic. You're too fat, too loud, too tall, too awkward, too slow, too different, too freaked out....blah blah blah.

So, I've tried to be positive. I've tried to be consciously thankful. But, I regularly and habitually start listening to that internal critic again.

Then, something occurred to me in a stronger, more powerful way's all about the attitude. It's all about which glasses you are looking through as you survey your circumstances. Just today has been full of choices:

ANOTHER sink of dirty dishes
hey, I had the sabbatical from housework today

Man, Pojke has just been a handful all day
Wow, Flicka was an absolute angel at Aunt Peg's house today.

Crud, I got NOTHING crossed off my to-do list today
wow, I got to sit around, visit, watch the kids play with their cousins, and watch a little TV uninterrupted.

Oh no! I forgot my purse at Aunt Peg's
how cool that Aunt Peg brought my purse to me!

Oh my goodness, I'm almost already through my gas budget 'til Wednesday
I'm so blessed to have a second car and the chance to drive around to Aunt Peg's and Grandma's today while DaHubby had class and had work.

I'm not sharing this so I sound all enlightened or holy or whatever but because it was a powerful realization today. And, by sharing, I'm hoping it'll make me more accountable to continue thinking this way.

And, hopefully, it can serve as a gentle reminder to someone who might be having a rough day. (((hugs)))

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2timemommy said...

you're the best Beth!! Thank you, I really needed this !!!! ((hugs))