Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

Without a drawn out explanation, I apologize to those who look for something to be posted here regularly. It's all summed up in the following: lots of changes, lots of preschooler attitude, lots of poorly managed time, and lots of inappropriate ADD responses.

That said, I still have had an amazing and blessed week. So, with Pam's wonderful and steady example, here's what I'm thankful for this week:

We had a 350+ mile in 24 hour trip to Detroit last Friday/Saturday. Little did we know that we were driving on tires nearly ready to fail. THANK YOU LORD for getting us home safely and letting the wake-up-call flat tire happen Tuesday morning.

Thank you God for the staff at two of our local tire places. The first one - a chain I've used faithfully in the past - was professional, polite, and put a used tired on FOR FREE to get me home safely so DaHubby and I could hash out what to do and how to pay for it. The second - where DaHubby has done our previous tire business - were extremely quick and kid-friendly while selling and installing two new tires on the front of the mini-van.

Thank you Lord for awesome in-laws! I praise Your name that at 72 years old, my mother-in-law NO LONGER NEEDS GLASSES following two outpatient procedures the last 3 weeks to remove cataracts that were performed flawlessly!

That my sister-in-law who battled, fought, and won against leukemia is still CANCER FREE and returned to work full time this week!

That my other sister-in-law gave me a break this week in caring for the Vikings which resulted in a momma massage/chiro appt, a solo walk, solo grocery shopping, and a date night with DaHubby!

I praise His name that several new jobs have come into DaHubby's shop this week - which temporarily puts him on FORTY-FIVE hour weeks! He's exhausted as he is 3 weeks from completing a full-time winter semester but the bank accounts are VERY, VERY appreciative. On May 3rd, "we" are one year done with school with one year to go! HALFWAY THERE!

Thank you Lord for reminding me that You've always been my Jehovah Jireh and that despite recent financial struggles I managed to fill the van - the entire back, both middle bucket seats, and the front passenger seats - with outgrown baby gear and baby clothes to pass along to our local MOMS Club rummage fundraiser for our area's domestic violence shelter.

For finding someone at church who is willing to act as a mentor-in-faith to get me through the next few months of changes as the kids blossom into a new stage of their lives - a new season, new lessons, and kindergarten this fall.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Lord for all You have blessed me with. Help me to manage what You've given me well and to Your glory!


sara said...

Hi Beth. :)

Laetitia said...

thanks Beth for your always ever so awesome posts!!

Pam said...

Thanks for dropping by, Beth. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Such wonderful news about your SIL!