Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

Over the past two years, I've really jumped on the recycle bandwagon. Our city does curbside every other week. Our county does the more "hazardous" stuff (tires, TV's, oil-based paints, etc.) about every other month or so.

Then, having moved into a bit of a fixer-upper, the last few years of living here we have produced some piles of construction debris.

Finally, completing and subsequently teaching the Financial Peace University classes, we've also got into the frugalness habit of reusing (and reusing again and repairing and reusing some more) instead of tossing something away.

But, some materials really strain our creativity to find a good secondary use. Until I found the Recycle This site out of the UK. I submitted a question about what to do with my old windows when we installed replacement windows and they used it as a post! And, I got some good ideas how to reuse them.

Recycle This has over 1,000 posts about nearly any type of material you can think of! LOL I dare ya' to not find something cool and/or interesting on this site!

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sara said...

You are so resourceful!

We have some windows stored in our attic that I've been meaning to make into a cold frame. can't wait!

lv2scpbk said...

I've been trying to find new ways on how to recycle stuff I want to get rid of if I can figure out how to reuse it into something else. I'm not that creative in that department.

Our area has someone who collects our jars, plastics, cans, and newspapers once a week to take them somewhere to recycle. We have a bin we throw our stuff in. Oh, also cardboard they recycle.

My new Tuesday Tip is up on my blog. I've posted a few book tips.

Anonymous said...

Very clever-thanks for that!!