Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Fourth Annual Viking Family Advent Calendar

Each year I've been trying to make it a tradition to spend December first through Christmas with one small extra Christmas and/or family-related activity for us to enjoy together. I wasn't blogging in 2005 but posted about this in 2006 and 2007.

And, we're about halfway through our 2008 attempt! LOL We've only missed 2 activities so far but no worries! We did something else that day together. Some folks have asked me to share my list again so here it is for this year:

1 paper snowflakes
2 candy garland (candy dots on paper)
3 see downtown snowmen (public art display)
4 MOMS Club craft
5 community tree lighting
6 library gingerbread house 1pm $1.50/each
7 put up Cmas tree
8 wreaths from paper plates
9 school donation? (donated batteries to favorite local science teacher)
10 night walk/drive to see lights
11 red/green RC treats
12 St. Lucia Day
13 Family party
14 go see Papa B and Granny T
15 HS orch/choir concert 7pm
16 PAT holiday party
17 red/green gumdrop craft
18 Fernwood (nature center lights display)
19 ice skating (11am-6pm)
20 kids museum family activity
21 church Cmas singspiration
22 MOMS Caroling and Craft @ nursing home
23 Cmas cookies
24 Jesus b-day party

Each year things get tweaked here and there. I also make sure I take advantage of everything I can find in our little local paper that's free or inexpensive. Finally, I balance the crafts and cooking-related type activities with the ones that take no preparation just to keep me sane! LOL

It doesn't have to be complicated and this is done in conjunction with our Jesse Tree devotions each night and, so far, it really works for us.


L-Jay said...

This is a great idea. I can't wait to do this with Lilu next year!

Meagan Francis said...

Wow, that is really inspiring! I'm totally doing this next year...(a little late now, especially since the next five days are already over-full.)