Monday, December 22, 2008

Fall Reading Challenge at Katrina's

Well, back in September, Katrina started another one of her reading challenges. We had a chance to make some reading goals with about 12 weeks worth of time. I chose the following list:

48 days to the work you love by Dan Miller (lib)
A Childhood Remembered by Helene Cooper (?)
Yesterday's Weather by Anne Enright (on hold at lib)
The absorbent mind / Maria Montessori (lib)
Eats, shoots & leaves : the zero tolerance approach to punctuation by Lynn Truss (lib)
Cranford by Elizabeth Crandall (
Friends for the journey by Lucy Shaw and Madeleine L'Engle (en route via ILL)

And, as usual, I wandered off my list! LOL

Miller's book
is at our library but I never got around to it. And, when I looked in September, I couldn't find Cooper's book at my library or through interlibrary loan.

I did read Yesterday's Weather by Anne Enright but was disappointed. I had initially been excited by the structure of several short essays. With small kids, it's hard to follow a long story! LOL But, I've apparently been out of the loop with popular books too long and found her stories didn't really speak to me anymore.

Absorbant Mind took two tries through interlibrary loan and it is still sitting on my kitchen counter unread! LOL

Lynn Truss' book was an unexpected delight! I actually laughed out loud but had problems explaining the jokes and stories well enough to DaHubby for him to appreciate them! LOL All I can say is she spoke to the English teacher in me! LOL And, I would highly recommend it.

I'm halfway through Cranford and I'm having trouble finishing it after several weeks of trying.

I finished Friends for the Journey just in time to start tracking down a copy for my best for her birthday in October! A little choppy but very deep and WELL worth the read!

And, I'm on page 258 of 467 of The Moon in the Mango Tree which I only started Saturday! Excellent story!

So, I got 3.5 books done from my original list of 7 plus added another. At least I'm batting about .500! *wink* And, that's better than some of my other reading challenges!

So, stop by Katrina's this week and see some wonderful book reviews for the New Year and to see how everyone else did!


Christina said...

Hey Beth! I have a totally off-topic question for you...

Do your kids have a kitchen play set? We have one that we are not using that I'm either going to give to a consignment shop or to someone who needs/wants it. It's not big, it's not in perfect condition (I got it at a yard sale, but it works great.) I can give you more details, pictures if you're interested, but I was sitting here looking at it and wondering who might be able to use it...and then I thought of your kiddos. It's a Fisher Price model that talks and has a faucet "sound" and I think some cooking sounds (it needs new batteries). It's not big, but it has some cute features. Just let me know if you're interested. I don't know why I didn't think of you guys before!

You can even email me if you want, just use the christina heck at hotmail dot com. (the name is all one word!)

Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

You and me both on Cranford! 1/2 done for me and still sitting on my nightstand. I'm thinking this is one that the movie will just have to do (and that makes the English teacher in me cringe).

I'll have to check out that one that you said was good! ;)