Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank

My home is a real stumbling block for me. I'm often self-conscious and worried when having people over. Whether family or other moms, when someone walks in the front door, I always seem to see what's wrong with my sweet little house. This is connected to a lifetime of feeling inferior, out of sync, and different but I'm looking at it now more as a contentment issue. In addition, it strikes me as a last hurdle in our "live like no one else" instruction through our Financial Peace training.

So, my TTT is set up for me to recognize the blessings I initially see as problems around my home.

The "leaky" kitchen windows? They give me a beautiful view while doing dishes.

The leaky spot on the roof? I have such a blessing to have a hubby that will climb up in the attic with all the varmint, the spiderwebs, insulation, etc and is able to fix it!

The leaky basement? It stores all the stuff we've collected as well as treasured memories (now stored in waterproof boxes LOL). It also is the home for a washing machine and dryer that work and don't require me to drive to a laundromat - Vikings in tow.

The icky, scuffed, ripped linoleum kitchen floor? A perfect, no-worries surface for all the Vikings' misadventures. Pojke's impromptu crayon drawing - no problem! The Matchbox car race scratches - no problem! Spilled food and drink - no problem! Muddy/wet/snow-covered feet/boots/shoes - no problem!

The old, rundown side-by-side fridge that drives DaHubby and I crazy with its inconvenience? It's filled to the brim with good food every Wednesday.

The half-planned half bath with some problems that came with the house? Hubby covered the tiny, stand-up shower stall with a Plexiglas-type cover and *ta da* instant sauna/steam room!

The mossy, constantly damp, mosquito-lovin', no-fun-to-play-in, not-fenced-in-backyard? Hosted three years of an awesome vegetable garden created by DaHubby and gave me the motivation to learn to preserve tomatoes, carrots, and green peppers.

The poison ivy growin', neighbor's lilac tree overgrowin' south exterior wall? Keeps my babies cool and shady in the summer.

My ever-present dust bunnies and gritty floors? We're so blessed to live near sandy Lake Michigan - a dream I've had since I can remember.

My kids' oddly shaped, seemingly small bedrooms? Constantly messy and overflowing with the blessings of family and friends who give us new and hand-me-down clothes and toys.

My crooked concrete sidewalk leading up to the house? Crooked because I have an AMAZING hubby that spent several days two summers ago building me an AMAZING deck/front porch!

So what little "irritations" are really a blessing for YOU this week? Check in with Pam today too.


Pam said...


I think is my favorite of all your Thanks Tanks. It is real. It is raw. It is you. I love it. The beginning sounds so much like what I think of myself and my house as well, so I completely connected with this post.

Thanks so much for sharing.

sara said...

Ahem. I believe the Holy Spirit is using you as a tool of conviction.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know it's not just my house. :-)