Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy (early) St. Lucia Day!

St. Lucia, the patron saint of Sweden, has her feast day on December 13. But, we will be traveling tomorrow and Papa will be working tomorrow so we took the liberty of celebrating a little early.

One of the traditions on St. Lucia Day, the beginning of the Christmas season for Scandinavians, is that the youngest girl in the house wearing a white dress, red sash, and a wreath upon her head lit with candles wakes her family on the morning of the 13th with all sorts of traditional Swedish goodies.

So, last year Grandma made Papa's favorite gingerbread cookies and Flicka passed them out at Da Grandparents favorite morning coffee spot.

And, this morning, we packed up the van at 7:15am to take treats to DaGrandparents at their newest breakfast spot.

Flicka picked out Junior Mints and Reese's mini-cups (Papa's favorites) along with some store-bought gingerbread cookies. And, I was so impressed and proud how brave, excited, and sweet she was this morning.


Lisa said...

How fun and how sweet! I wish we had started traditions when our kids were little like that.

Debbie said...

We used to celebrate St. Lucia Day in our Sons of Norway. I have some pictures of my little nieces in the outfit. You got me thinking; maybe I'll find those pictures and post when I do my Norwegian Christmas post. I see you visit L-Jay at My Little Norway too. :)

G'G'ma said...

Happy St. Lucia Day to you too. Flicka looks darling in her Lucia outfit and crown. We celebrated Lucia day with our children too. Our girls served the family Lucia Buns. Guess I've made the buns Dec. 13th for about 50 years!!!

Congratulations on following the Ramsey plan. If more people did, the country probably wouldn't be in such trouble!

L-Jay said...

Gratulerer for i dag!

(A little Norwegian - coz I don't know

I know in Sweden they have huge parades in the cities on Saint Lucia Day. It's a lot bigger in Sweden than Norway. We only celebrate it in schools and comunity organisations. But I think everyone bakes the Lucia buns! (Yum.)

Beth said...

My Mom is of swedish decent. We don't celebrate but I have a trivet with a picture of St. Lucia that I hang above my stove every holiday season. My sister was born on the 13th so I always remember the day.

Your daughter looks adorable.