Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Have you thanked a teacher lately?

I've been doing research for a gift for Flicka's kindergarten teacher this week because Teacher Appreciation week starts next Monday.

I've always been jealous how elementary teachers seem to benefit more from this than us poor, neglected secondary teachers. LOL But, I also remember vividly how much work teaching is and I want Mrs. S to know how much Flicka and her parents appreciate all the work she does.

I've come across so many cute ideas, I made a list of links to share:

Family Fun magazine has craft links for gifts.

Here's a list of thank you's using food and cute sayings (like giving Pop Rocks and saying "You ROCK!" That kind of thing.) had an article about how to do a small little gift all 5 days next week.

This site is WAY beyond my crafty level but the ideas are really cute.

I like this long list of frugal gifts at too.

And, here are some random suggestions from actual teachers.

Finally, here is a list of suggestions from the NEA - the national teachers' organization

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