Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Tip Jar: chore cards for pre-readers

So, do your kids have chores? Daily tasks? Family contribution tasks? For money or expected?

I think chores are often one of those parent conundrums we all deal with at some point. At the Viking Hus, it was determined early that the Vikings would be responsible for their general upkeep. LOL But, how does a mom do this with preschoolers, kindergarteners, and/or young children?

The trick was I wanted something that a certain level of parental hands-off-edness. LOL I dreamed of being able say to my 4 and 6 year old "Go do chores" and the Vikings being able to do them without 64 million repeats of "now what?" and "what else do I have to do?" Having pre-readers, this presented a challenge.

So, I decided to have their chore chart "speak" to them in pictures! And, it has been wildly successful! A little card stock and some clip art and I give you the Vikings' chore card for today!


Flicka has to make her bed, wipe the dining rm and kid tables, make sure her closet area is clean (pick up clothes, put shoes back where they belong, etc), and pick up 5 toys from anywhere in the house and put them in her room.

And, Pojke has to make his bed (which consists of throwing his blanket over a toddler bed LOL), pick up his multitudinous Matchbox cars, make sure his floor is clean/clear, make sure tub toys are out of the tub, and pick up 5 additional toys.

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Olivia said...

Very cool! That's a great tip! Happy Tip Jar Tuesday!

sara said...

Beth, did you see these that my hubby made?

It does work