Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The fastest way to drive an ADDer insane?

Give 'em unstructured time...

And/or change their schedule.

Both of which have been happening here in the last 3 weeks. And, of course, I'm not the only ADDer in this house so it has been doubly bad.

In addition to the stress of DaHubby's layoff and no income for the last 2 weeks, the large stacks of paperwork, the long to-do lists, multiple "side hustles" in progress, and chunks of unstructured time multiplied by two people desperately trying to stay organized and get things accomplished with an unstructured amount of time is just a recipe for disaster. LOL

But I think we're hanging in there OK. Even if just by our teeth and fingernails.

I've taken to old habits. EVERYTHING goes on a list - either virtually in my iPod or on paper. DaHubby's taken to using Google calendar to keep me and one of his side hustle bosses informed of when he's free to do work for him.

But, the skeleton of structure we're basically following are our class schedules. Whether it's Flicka's school, Pojke's YMCA class, DaHubby's classes or my ASL class, everything is pretty fluid around those things.
"Adult ADD is what we call any of several syndromes that interfere with adults' psychological functions such as planning, managing time and tasks, and making decisions.

"People with this problem may experience difficulty in the following activities: avoiding distractions, remembering and organizing information and things, starting and finishing tasks being on time, set and ordering priorities, acting and (my emphasis) speaking out inappropriately...

"For people with ADD, time often appears as a continuum that rolls on and on and so does not provide that framework, and, therefore, is of no help in organizing, planning or prioritizing."source

Lucky for that "and" or I'd feel like a real dork being the only one fighting all six of those symptoms. LOL

So, for those of you that know us IRL, please take pity and exercise patience. LOL We're pedaling and trying to keep up as best we can.

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