Thursday, February 25, 2010

An out-of-the-ordinary Thanks Tank

Normally, Thursdays around here has meant a list of things I am thankful for this week, things that are filling my "thanks tank." And, we have more and more to be thankful for these last three weeks.

Following DaHubby's layoff at the beginning of the month, we have been showered with care, groceries, gift cards, cash, and prayers. We've had no income for two weeks yet all our minimum bills have been met.

As odd as this may sound, having DaHubby home full-time has actually been a huge blessing and a reprieve from the craziness that has been our lives the last two years while DaHub's juggled full-time school and (mostly) full-time work.

While the stress level is still on the high side of normal, if I had to be honest, this is the happiest we have all been in months.

This may not make sense to someone in the world, but I'm convinced it's a "God's economy" thing. It is just like less is more; being a humble servant in a me-oriented , fame-seeking culture; and it's ALL God's but he's only asking for 10% back. LOL

Put more succinctly, Dan Dumas said at a 2003 conference, "...the principle is simple ─ The way up is the way down in God's economy."

This may sound crazy but we've been happier with less these last 3 weeks than we've been in a long time.

So, this Thursday, I praise Jehovah Jireh for His provision and His work through the believers around us but I will also praise Him for this storm, this challenge, this season of our lives because we're drawing closer to Him and closer to each other than ever before.

While Pam is on hiatus right now, read her old Thanks Tanks here.


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